Thursday, September 30, 2010


         I stand there above all. The sea of heads below. This time it's only me and the mike. No podium to hide the rest of me. I lean back slightly over emphasizing my confidence. I clasp the neck of the microphone and see my fingers curl around it like frightened children clinging on to their mother. I breathe slowly. I know even my breath will be magnified in the ears of the many just the way everyone can hear my thumping heartbeat. I stand there to speak.
       I was supposed to speak on a motion. For or against , it doesn't matter. Either way it would be lying. It would either be restating of facts that most people know or words which everyone wants to hear. I have five minutes to myself. Five legitimate minutes to be the loudest among them all. Five whole minutes to stand in the line of vision of a thousand eyes and five whole minutes to leave a mark in the minds of millions....
       If only I could speak what I felt, what I thought, without any kind of restrain. But the only way I can reach everyone of those indistinguishable minds in the blurred mass of flesh is by packaging my thoughts in an  
 " acceptable"  way. 
       Thundering applause break the silence that was formed after I had uttered the last word. I had said another well articulated speech. Every word was crafted in a way it would hit the right chord in the hearts of every kind of individuals. 
        Yet again, what I feel, got lost in the ornate packaging of my thoughts.