Tuesday, March 31, 2009

a futile mental pre occupation

Don’t we often wake up and blink – with a distinct blank expression on our face? Probably still in the hangover of some dream which seemed so very real?
Really dreaming is quite useless - you are left neither in the present nor in the future but in some unreal world....
Come on how many of us really chase a dream now – do we dream in the first place?
It is a waste of time, a disruption in routine when it’s at daytime and at night – if it’s vivid and amusing (in our sleep), it’s entertaining- that’s it.
It is pointless dreaming. Long ago, many people used to dream – most of them pursued it and few of them materialized it and yet MANY people used to dream.
Now, we have progressed as a human race. We know it pays more to do the everyday work than “dream”. It’s dangerous to dream today – we might wake up and blink with a blank expression on our face. Reality is so very different.

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