Tuesday, March 31, 2009

increasingly grey

Nowadays it is difficult to make generalisations- we cannot say that our times terrible...to be honest it isn't. In ways more than hundred it is better than the times in which the previous generations lived.
In fact we have a much wider perspective about most things - we can simultaneously state the pros and cons of anything- praise the former and criticize the latter with the same intensity (all professional turncoats aren't we?) we realize that no one is good or bad.....no time is good or bad....no circumstance is good or bad.... all are shades of grey. Something like, when there is inflation we feel the pinch of high prices while businessmen gloat in high profits !!!
So it is indeed difficult to be unsatisfied about anything whole heartedly - its as much white as it is black. We have all come in terms with it.
So, is this why no urge to change drastically ? Is this why black prospers foiled by the white? Yet again I dare not give a "general" answer!!!!

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