Tuesday, March 31, 2009

post NBY phase

There was a time when everybody began to realize that we have all become selfish human beings who love saying “it’s not in my backyard.” And so turn a blind eye to most problems. I think I came across that term in Environmental Education. Ah! EVE - a direct result of this realization. “Make everyone aware of the growing ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEMS and make EVE a compulsory subject in all classes!”
It definitely made all of us aware - we all wanted to know – “will EVE be counted in our aggregate?” Never mind that. That was the “Not in my backyard phase”. But this “revolution” set ground for the next phase in the history of mankind – “in my backyard era.” A definite positive change!
Now we are extremely aware of what’s happening in our backyard. Dare anyone trespass and we rush to buy candles. If a bill is passed that affects XYZ, then XYZ will hold protest rallies till the media is bored of covering the issue.
We are all living in the post not in my backyard era aren’t we? No wonder our daily planner looks like this:

6.00 am: work out
7.00 am: leave for work
10.00 pm: come back home (buy candles on the way back home)
11.00 pm: leave for party at ABC’s place

Saturday (day off)
10.00 am: wake up
10.30 am: pick up dress from tailor
11.00am: leave for rally
5.00p.m: have a bath
6.30 p.m: leave for boss’s party

and so on...!!!

Now we all know what’s happening in our backyard – for that’s all we care about!

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