Tuesday, April 14, 2009

daniel pearl and those like him

a strange chanting.......he stood there with both hands tied at the back. was looking straight ahead. was there fear in the eyes? was there regret? just a blank acceptance it did seem. i cannot say. you couldn't look for long into those eyes. the strange chanting...they pushed him to the ground. and did it. i didn't see a moments hesitation in "its" hand. it wasn't a human being who did it though he looked like one. the strange chanting....blood spurting out...."it" beheaded him. no it wasn't that quick. "it" made it a point to show the slow separation. "it" didn't stop there... went on to place his head on his hands. i couldn't look anymore. those eyes stared back at me . a strange chanting......

he paid a heavy price. was it because he wanted to venture out of the everyday route? "his head on his hands" .....did it mean......those brutal maniacs wanted to show that it was all in his hands....he chose this fatal end by choosing the path he did.

probably not so graphic....probably not so evident.....aren't many individuals forced to chop of that part of them that doesn't fit into the pre designed norms of this society?

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