Thursday, July 8, 2010


I could distinctly hear "desert rose" playing somewhere. I opened my eyes. No. I don't want to let go of that. I don't know how to word it, it was a feeling which had no scent that I could recognize, only images which were drawing me back to it and a sound - the rhythm- the tune of "desert rose" but there was something so unreal about the effect. I shut my eyes again.

The stone staircase. I started rushing up. Two, four, six, eight...landing. He stood there. The first three buttons of his shirt unbuttoned. I moved up to him cautiously.

I wish I was not wearing my faded night clothes. I wish I was wearing that gown which Cinderella wore to the ball. I was so close to him that I could close my eyes and feel him breathing. I looked up to look straight into his eyes. He had no eyes. He had no face. He was not there. I was standing with my nose touching the wall. I knew it was time to run again. I began running up the stairs. Again. Twelve, Fourteen, Sixteen...I tripped. Fell down a couple of stairs.

I sat on the twelfth stair panting. I had tripped and I had no idea how. I got up and started climbing again.

" Why did you trip?" screamed someone from the top.

"I was absentminded." I screamed back.

"That is disgraceful!" screamed back the voice.

I did not stop. Twenty, Twenty two, Twenty four.....

"Why did you trip?" screamed a voice from below.

"Um....I twisted my ankle." I screamed back.

"So predictable." commented the voice.

Another landing. He stood there with the first three buttons of his shirt unbuttoned. I slowly walked up to him. I was wearing the gown which Cinderella had worn to the ball. I stood so close to him that I could feel him breathing with my eyes closed. I felt nothing. I opened my eyes. I didnot dare look into his eyes. But he was still there. On the wall of the landing there was a life size painting of box which had each side painted in a different colour. I hid behind the painting and waited till he went away never to come back.

" Why did you leave her?" they asked her.

" I could not understand her," he answered.


  1. Wow! I totally know this feeling. When I read ur writing, I feel it says all those things that I can never say...thanks for setting it free.

  2. thanks re, your comments mean a lot to me! it's only once in while i muster up the courage and right words to write what i think non cerebrally !
    feels nice to know that it reaches out.