Monday, May 4, 2009


"The child is grown, the dream is gone. I have become comfortably numb. "

true. first time in my life the only kind of dreams i get is at night....that too the strange pandemonium of events faces and places. but everyone gets them. i miss those dreams.... which i had in broad light...... something or someone would make me take a firm resolution .... "this is what i want to do".... the mad chase.....till i used to reach somewhere....which would be near or far from the dream....atleast measured by the dream.

since i have stopped dreaming.....i wonder .... has the child grown ?


  1. I am totally speechless! You have brought out my unnamed feelings and do you do it?

  2. i guess....because i bring mine out....i try to pen them down as honestly as i can .
    but it's a scary thought isn't it ? i guess the best way i face fear is to express it.

  3. I wonder if the child grows only while dreaming.