Wednesday, January 13, 2010

slipping into

i am in pain. its unexplainable how much it hurts. i don't do it consciously but i face the brunt of it fully conscious. i am left with ugly scars on my feet which i see everyday and a prominent scar in my mind which i cannot see but definitely feel.

i keep tripping . or to put it better, i keep slipping into other people's shoe. of course they don't fit me ... and hence the ugly scars. but when i wear them, as uncomfortable may i feel, i can't stop looking through their eyes. i can see what they see. i can perceive what they perceive . i can think what they think. and the most painful part, i can feel what they feel.

finally when i can draw myself away from them, i am rendered unable to stand. unable to feel hatred when i should feel so ..... unable to feel love when i should feel causes "emotional imbalance" in me.

i am forced to be wisely foolish when i want to be foolishly wise. overdose of empathy can be so injurious to action.


  1. Its been an age.Kothay tui?
    Phone korlam sho sho baar.Doesn't get through.

    And why are you feeeling like this?

  2. Superb!Just perfect! It expresses truly, how we feel right now. Please write more often.

  3. joey !
    the first part sounds more like a email than a comment ! nevertheless the answer's in your inbox.

  4. thanks jahnavi.
    nice to hear that there are more people who feel similarly. and yes, i guess i have been really infrequent. hopefully getting into a writing spree again.